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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Luke 13:18-21

These two parables are as small and mighty as their subjects. Just a few sentences each, but the comparison Jesus makes between the Kingdom of God and some very common, very tiny things is a powerful one indeed.

That little mustard seed? It looks like nothing, but it is packed with potential. Once planted and nurtured in a garden, it grows large enough to allow birds to nest in its branches. That tiny bit of yeast? If you've ever baked bread, you've seen how a mere teaspoon of yeast, added to three cups of flour, makes enough dough for a nice big loaf. You can actually watch the dough grow and expand: it's amazing!

Jesus is telling His followers that the Kingdom of God is bigger and better than we could ever imagine. We can have no earthly idea of true heavenly glory -- but Jesus assures us that, like a gardener planting a tiny seed and a woman adding yeast to her bread dough, God is preparing His Kingdom for you and for me.




Do we allow our understanding of God's power and goodness to be limited to what our human imaginations can think of?




Jesus, teach me to appreciate the grand scale of Your heavenly kingdom.


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The Kingdom of God is bigger and better than we could ever imagine.

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