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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Luke 6:12-16

“Oh good St. Jude, I call on your name . . . ” I can still hear the voices of the faithful older gentlemen at my parish singing devotions to St. Jude. I had belonged to the parish since infancy, went to school there, received the sacraments there, and even baptized one of my own children there. St. Jude has always been one of my favorite saints and a faithful intercessor.

What must he have done in his life to earn the title “patron of hopeless causes?" I imagine he had a rock-solid faith and was steadfast in prayer.

Jesus himself shows us the importance of prayer in today’s Gospel.

“Jesus went up to the mountain to pray, and he spent the night in prayer to God."

He is God and still He prays to God. It’s mind boggling if we think about it. Yet, He was guiding us by example that we should always go to Him, especially before making big decisions.

He chose the apostles after his time of prayer, the twelve whom would accompany him for three years of ministry and essentially help shape Christianity for all time. Who knows--if he chose another person, perhaps you and I would not even be Catholic today! This was a BIG deal!

So let us be encouraged today to call on the name of good St. Jude in times of distress or hopelessness and to pray always to God so that His Holy Spirit may be our constant companion.




How often do I "depart to the mountain to pray" to God. Is it time for a retreat?



Dear Jesus, thank You for showing me by example the importance of prayer. Grant me the grace to make it a priority in my daily life.


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Pray always to God so that His Holy Spirit may be your constant companion.


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