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Reflection by Sterling Jaquith


Today's Gospel: John 3:16-18


As I get older, I have a deeper appreciation for the Holy Trinity and yet increasing awe of the mystery within. The closer I draw to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the more whole my own life becomes.


In my prayer life, I often try to picture spending time with each member of the Trinity. When I am particularly sad or hurt by life, I imagine crawling up in the large lap of God the Father. He wraps me up in His arms and tells me everything is going to be all right. He makes me feel safe and loved. He is full of assurance and warmth. I relax in His arms and find comfort there.


When I am confused about a decision I have to make or feeling frustrated that my faith life is not as easy-going as I had hoped, I take a walk with Jesus. We are chatting like old friends, asking each other questions and telling stories. Jesus is there to challenge me. He is there to listen to me like a good friend. His interest never fades and He is always ready with some advice.


I turn to the Holy Spirit when I don’t have the words I need. Perhaps I am about to have a difficult conversation or give a talk at a conference. Sometimes I don’t have words to pray. Those are the times I ask the Holy Spirit to envelope me. I imagine it like a warm cloud surrounding my body. The wisdom of the Holy Spirit fills my lungs like air and gives me the words I need. I am comforted and I am calm.


I encourage you to picture the Trinity the next time you are in prayer.


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Do you visualize each part of the Trinity in your prayer life?




Lord, thank you for the gift of your son. Help me to experience the love and wisdom of the Holy Trinity more deeply.





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