Maureen Locher photoPeace, serenity, humor, contentment, hope, faith, love, quiet, harmony, stillness, optimism, trust, acceptance, comfort, tranquility, joy.

How many of the above sentiments fill your heart as you:

Race around town for the best deals, park miles from stores then walk, only to wait in long lines to pay?

Search for the perfect tree, secure said tree to car, drag tree inside home, straighten tree in stand, decorate and faithfully water tree?

Buy cookie makings, mix ingredients, bake, cool, decorate and store for each and every type of cookie?

Risk life and limb on ladders attaching sparkly Christmas lights to the house?

Buy, address, stamp and send Christmas cards?

Decorate every square inch of your house down to the ceramic stocking Q-tips holder?

Cut, tape and wrap your way through your new credit card balance?

Every year is going to be THE year when I do things differently to enjoy the season’s blessings. Every year I do everything pretty much the exact same way as always and end up feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and not too Christ-like.

If you ladies have somehow managed the time to read this column (which I highly doubt), forget the "to do" list. Concentrate on the above "to feel" list. Salvage the remaining time and enjoy the life that God gave you, and bring some joy to others this week.

Merry Christmas, moms!

Copyright 2009 Maureen Locher