The Amulet by Dean Klein

Editor's note: Today, we welcome a guest contribution from author Dean Klein, author of the Kindle novel, The Amulet. Please note that I have not personally read this book, but am happy to share Mr. Klein's words about his work with our readers. LMH

As we all know, there’s a continuing, even rising, assault on Christianity and its followers, both verbal and physical. Sadly, the age of martyrdom for Christian beliefs has returned. In what small way I could help foster the faith of those that hold to Christian principles and history, I conceived and constructed a story – a strikingly engaging work of fiction – to bolster the gentle religion of those that follow Christ. It is a major composition and, very fittingly, one that encompasses much of the world. Inspired by the great and classic film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the novel is entitled, The Amulet. And like Raiders of the Lost Ark, the story’s platform can only be described as startling as it takes the reader on an adventure of pervasive suspense.

Very briefly and without revealing the utterly original and startling story platform, the following has been prepared that will offer the reader a tiny glimpse of what to expect: In 1947, a monumental archeological discovery is made near the ruins of a previously unknown and long-extinct Jewish community. An ancient relic is found. To the shock of everyone that sees it, it appears not to have aged a day in two thousand years. For years subsequent to its discovery, the find is kept hidden, knowledge of its existence never made public. Yet, one day, something inexplicable happens. Its private owner suddenly becomes terrified of it. He hurriedly contacts the Israeli Antiquities Authority, informing this organization of what he possesses, the existence of something that defies description. The IAA laughs at him, only reluctantly accepting his donation. Two months pass. During that time, to the IAA’s astonishment, test results confirm the artifact’s authenticity…that it dates to Israel of the first-century. But that is not the only thing that stuns the IAA. The relic appears to exhibit supernatural properties. One night, while studying the artifact in an IAA underground laboratory, the worst screams ever heard in human history reverberate through the building. Armed guards nervously enter the room. The lights do not work. Shaking as they enter the darkened laboratory, guns in hand, only one man is found. The other is impossibly missing. Then the antiquity disappears, lost to the IAA forever.

Thirteen years later, unrelenting nightmarish dreams beset Emanuel Tov at his home in the United States. He is told to go to Israel by a voice he does not recognize, for a reason he is not told. Compelled to obey, he leaves his family astounded by his abrupt decision to attend an Orthodox seminary in Jerusalem. It is there he eventually learns of the existence of something that, according to his rabbi, ‘should not exist…something that ‘scares me to my soul.’ Informed of the mysterious antiquity, Emanuel hears – to his staggering shock – of his connection to it by those dreams Now terrified, his only path to understand what is happening to him is to study the deadly antiquity even at the risk of his own life. Over many nights, he works in fear to unravel its mystery. And then, during one of those nights, he discovers to his horror that the relic was made for him…that he is to accept a destiny decreed by an unknown author that lived two thousand years ago.

The Amulet is perhaps one of the grandest, most thoughtful and high-concept stories of Christian fiction ever written. It is of immense scale that leads Emanuel on a daunting mission to learn of a stupefying destiny set in motion for him millennia ago. And upon fulfilling that destiny, one he’d resisted and fought against all the way, the world and the Vatican, hearing of things no one can believe possible, begin to become afraid for there is no explanation for what is happening, no scripture that points to it. The world begins to believe End of Days is approaching. And upon events occurring that cannot be explained, fear and chaos spread. All the while, no one knows anything. Churches, synagogues and mosques are jammed with frightened worshippers. And upon the conclusion of The Amulet, when the world is at its most fearful, the light of the world touches the world again leaving no doubt as to His presence and authority on earth. The précis just provided might account for 1% of the story’s content.

The (three-part) novel is currently on Kindle. Earlier this year, I was called at home by a senior executive of one of the world’s largest companies in its field. And for which company does this executive work? 20th Century Fox. The man was so impressed with The Amulet that he told me he’d sent the concept to the head of his creative development team for consideration as a future movie project. On Kindle, a reader was kind enough to have left a review. This is what she wrote:

4.0 out of 5 stars A great stay up all night read June 27, 2012

By Lynn

What a tale. It reminds you of the fascinating pair of thrillers by Dan Brown. The author of The Amulet has a grasp of ancient history that will keep you wondering if this could really be true. You will be amazed by the scope of power across the centuries. You will not be able to put this book down until you finish it

Others to which I have given The Amulet for their reading pleasure have loved it. One woman summed up her impression of the book by asking my wife, ‘How did Dean ever come up with an idea like this?!’ Another said, upon having read just the first twenty pages or so, ‘I thought I was reading an Indiana Jones story!’ And that was highly pleasing to hear as I already mentioned The Amulet was indeed inspired by the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Amulet comes as close as is possible to what it was like to have been touched by Jesus two thousand years ago. Those that read this tale will, in a sense, be taken back to a time now known only by the gospels. It is my desire that the story will reinforce the faith of those that already have it and perhaps inspire those not of this faith to consider it.

Copyright 2012 Dean Klein