A CRS Rice Bowl "Thank You" & A Challenge to Continue Your Commitment A CRS Rice Bowl "Thank You" & A Challenge to Continue Your Commitment

Today, I received a wonderful email from the organizers of Catholic Relief Services' Rice Bowl project. Along with an update on the awesome ways in which Rice Bowl was supported by people like you, they offered information on a way in which our families can continue to aid the poor around the world. But before I share that, I thought I would give a thought or two on my own participation in Rice Bowl this year.

What started as a simple conversation with CRS last Fall blossomed into a true almsgiving gift for me this Lenten season. Here on the blog and though my social networking venues, I was able to share a bit about my own choice to "do" Rice Bowl with purposeful intent this year. While I've given to other charities during previous Lenten seasons, that simple cardboard box sitting in our kitchen really changed my attitude this year. Knowing the good work being done by CRS, my Rice Bowl "bank" also became a gift that united me with the Universal Church with the news of our new Holy Father, Pope Francis, and with his deep commitment to continue the Church's legacy of caring for the poor around the world.

Today, I "turned in" our Rice Bowl electronically, by making our secure online donation at the Rice Bowl website. Even if you did not "do" Rice Bowl during Lent, you can still support this worthy project by making a donation online. Every small gift makes a difference:

  • $10 = 2 weeks of food for a family of six
  • $25 = health exams for 13 kids
  • $50 = clean water for 500 families
  • $100 provides immunizations for 157 newborns

Now that Lent is finished, Catholic Relief Services has invited us to continue changing lives around the world by being a part of Hunger Pledge. This video gives an overview of what's entailed in being a part of the pledge:

[youtube_sc url=http://youtu.be/bLPPZ6AZ_ss]

To take the pledge and answer the gospel call to care for those in need, visit http://www.crs.org/hunger-pledge/ - it's never too late to make a difference. As Pope Francis has reminded us:

Was Rice Bowl a part of your family's Lent this year? I'd love to hear about your experience!

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