Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

Catholic Techie Clare Zajicek

She's a writer, she's a mom, she's a Catholic Techie! Meet the latest Catholic Techie and smile along with us as you get to know her.

Crowdfunding: Supporting Independent Catholic Artists

We speak from experience on this one (and maybe you can even chime in and support a little too?).

Catholic eLearning

Here's a technology we feel the Catholic Church can--and should--use better and more frequently.

App Review: MyFertilityMD

Our team takes another look at MyFertilityMD and assures you that yes, it really IS as good as you've been hearing.

The Working Catholic Mom - Catholic Pinterest Board of the Week's own blogger Mary Wallace hosts a wonderful board that informs and inspires.

Vlogs: The New Evangelization

Why, we ask, isn't anyone tearing up YouTube with some awesome Catholic videos? Maybe you'll be inspired to try after reading this piece!

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