Guilty confession: I can't decide if I love or if I hate Pinterest.

Whenever I go there, I find myself sucked in more completely than any visit to Facebook or Twitter. There are pretty pictures! Look! SQUIRREL!

And I've made some boards and there are some ideas, but, honestly, I usually find myself overwhelmed by Pinterest. I see the pretty pictures, but it's more like leafing through a magazine than anything really useful in my life.

That said, there ARE the pretty pictures.

And so, today, in what may or may not become a regular feature, I thought I'd share a Pinterest board I found recently and have really enjoyed.

catholic memes pinterest screen

I sure hope you weren't expecting flowers and rosaries and doilies, because the board I keep coming back to is, in fact, Catholic Memes by Catholic Memes. (Yes, the same folks who Katie O'Keefe highlighted and interviewed a while back.)

Follow Catholic Memes on Pinterest and have yourself a laugh or three. Fair warning: I wouldn't scroll through this board while drinking anything. Your laptop will NOT thank you.

And if you're looking for me, here's where I am on Pinterest.

What are your favorite Catholic Pinterest boards?

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