Today's Gospel: Matthew 6:7-15

My Teacher is asking for my attention. He wants to teach me how to pray. I am His child. I have little vocabulary, and that seems to be okay with Him. I can’t heap up a lot of phrases. That is good. I call out to Him as a great Father. I am hungry, Father! Feed me!

In this childlike disposition, I am reminded that I am, at times, childish. This tendency has caused me to hurt my great Father. Forgive me, Father. My Teacher reminds me that I ask for this forgiveness in direct correlation to my ability to give the same to others who have hurt me. I need humility so as to see the beam in my own eye instead of searching for splinters in everyone else’s. The Father seems to require that I do this- otherwise it is clear that I put some obstacle between us that will keep me from the forgiveness I request.

How challenging this is especially when I have been hurt unjustly! It is an act of the will, a choice! When I am cast aside, discarded, humiliated…my first reaction is to strike back. Only this continued childlike relationship with the Father in prayer will lead me. I step out of the dark temptations to return hurt, and into the humility, healing and growth. Unforgiveness digs two graves, they say…one for myself as well as the offender. On the cross the Teacher shows me how to offer my pain for conversion.

Finally, He speaks to me of temptation…the very thing that results in beams, splinters, blindness and sin. I ask to be delivered! Father, keep me safe!


How do you respond to those who have hurt you? How is God your Teacher and Father?


Jesus, teach me to pray to my Father as you did!

Copyright 2014 Cynthia Ann Costello