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Juggle without Struggle Juggle without Struggle

It was a devastating loss to the family and to the community when Peggie Wolfington O'Neill died just over one year ago after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Juggle Without Struggle: Five Secrets, Four Weeks, Nine Minutes to Inner Peace was Peggie's life work and legacy that she left behind in an effort to help women find peace in the chaotic world that we all live in. The publication of Peggie O'Neill's book, Juggle Without Struggle, was launched at the Philadelphia Country Club on November 2, 2012 by her family and over 250 of her friends. Reviews of praise have been received by local T.V. Anchorwoman, Pat Ciarrocchi, Bestselling Catholic Author, Brian J. Gail, and Actress from the movie Bella, Ali Landry. The enthusiasm was overflowing as notable Philadelphians praised the life and work of a woman who have so much of herself to her native city and Church.

"My mother worked very hard to complete this novel before she died. This work is targeted to help women find inner peace through a 'peace process' that helped her every day for 40+ years of her life," says Brian O'Neill, Peggie's son. "Women today carry so much. This book tackles the issues of financial stress, single parenting, divorce, parent-child relationships, friendships and other personal issues," he added.

Peggie O'Neill, author of Juggle Without Struggle Peggie O'Neill, author of Juggle Without Struggle

Peggie O'Neill began an educational outreach called Courage of One. Courage of One explores the inner strength that women embrace in the role of spouse, parent, friend, business leader, and member of the community. In addition to this Peg was known in Philadelphia as one of the original founders of Birthright, the host of her own T.V. show Passionate Leaders, Powerful People, and the one who founded Prayer Power which connected thousands every week through prayer. Courage of One will offer readers the chance to donate a book to cancer patients and a portion of all proceeds will be given to the Abramson Cancer Center in the Philadelphia area.

Juggle Without Struggle, a project of Courage of One, aims to show every woman how much God loves them and that He is walking with them (or at times, carrying them through) every day even during the most stress-filled moments of their lives.

Peggy and her husband, Frank O'Neill, were married 54 years, raised six sons, all of whom are extremely entrepreneurial and have gone on to build successful businesses around the country. Peg considered her greatest gift and role to be that of wife, mother, and grandmother.

"This is an amazing labor of love to see what this family accomplished publishing this book one year after the death of Peggie O'Neill," says Jenn Giroux, writer, public speaker, publisher, and pro-family advocate who wrote the foreword of the book. "This book is ideal for busy moms, a friend you know struggling to find peace because of hard economic times, a single mother struggling to provide for her kids and feeling alone, or anyone who seeks a closer union with God and daily inner peace. Every woman will find herself within the struggles and triumphs of these characters. This book provides a road map of daily spiritual practices which assist women to find inner peace in their hectic lives. The Courage of One effort to provide these books to cancer patients is a beautiful extension of the giving heart of Peggie O'Neill, so well known throughout Philadelphia for reaching out to others," Jenn added.

Bestselling Catholic Author, Brian J Gail, himself a native of Philadelphia says, "Juggle Without Struggle answers a question for thousands of Philadelphians who wondered aloud how this extraordinary woman accomplished all she did in her 76 years."

Philadelphia T.V News Anchor, Pat Ciarrocchi, loved the book: "Author Peggie O'Neill has created a unique and compelling story that imparts the deepest spiritual principles for understanding life's challenges and finding inner peace. The reader will want to collect the 5 secrets and apply their power immediately."

Actress Ali Landry of the movie, Belle, was profoundly moved by the book: "The stories of these women and their journeys whispered to my soul. They are every woman! At the end of the day we are all looking for approval, strength, balance, wisdom, peace, and love. I related to so many of the situations....and as the 5 secrets were revealed I found myself applying them in my own life. This book changed me! It showed me how to 'let go, and let God' again."

Rave reviews also include Emily Rice, writer of the Philadelphia Bulletin: "Peggie O'Neill's Juggle Without Struggle addresses the central dilemma of the human experience: how to be in this world but not of it. The trials of these imagined figures bring home the point that the soul's yearning for God is a universal constant, irrespective of age, class, station or even self-awareness. The reader cannot help but wish for such peace in the lives of her own loved ones."

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