Small Success Thursday

No more teachers, no more books...well, no more assigned books.

We're finally done and I'm fairly certain I'm even more happy than my children. The van can take a break, we get to play together, and the need to nag about homework becomes a memory for 8 weeks. (Please don't ruin my moment of joy by reminding me of summer projects and the math book).

The freedom of knowing the school year had ended, coupled with finishing a Novena to the Holy Spirit, prompted me to volunteer for a major event. Last night, I took on organizing the 90th anniversary of our children's school. Somehow, having that task to anticipate, felt liberating and energizing.

This has been a great week for our family. Two graduated from their respective schools. Two signed up for driver's education. I got to spend time with my mom and my five year old son has begun potty training, something he keeps trying and then stopping, but every time he tries again, I feel hopeful, he'll get it.

Lastly, I have to count some blessings we seem to take for granted, to say "Thank you" for the gift of my husband's work, which has allowed us for so many years to say "Yes." to Catholic schools, and made following Catholic teaching a luminous cross of our life.