Today's Gospel: Mark 1:40-45

This Gospel can be taken in several directions. As I sat thinking about today’s Gospel, I stepped into the place of the leper. I do not think I would be able to contain my joy and happiness if Jesus stretched out his hand and touched me and made me clean. I know myself, and I know I would not be able to keep this secret to myself. The happiness I felt would be all across my face. I would not be able to keep it to myself when someone asked me why I am smiling or when that first person realized I no longer had leprosy! What joy! I would have to share what Jesus did to me. I would have to share Jesus’ compassion towards me, especially when everyone else went out of his or her way to avoid me. My heart would be overflowing for the love of Christ, and I would go out and spread the word to every person who would listen to me and even those who would not!


Imagine a time in your life when the joy and love of Christ filled your heart and was overwhelming. Do you recall the feeling of happiness and peace that Christ offered you? Do you recall that uncontrollable desire to share the Good News with others? I can, and I am certain you can too. What if we took those feelings, held them closely to our hearts, and went out into the world sharing our love of Christ with as much zeal and happiness as in those moments when Christ reached out to us as he did the leaper? I imagine a better place because when I allow the Holy Spirit to fill my heart, soul, and mind, I become a better person (even if just for a moment.) Through sharing our love of Christ and the Good News we can make a difference in the lives of others, just as Christ did for the leper.


Dear Lord, please help me to hold on to the times you answered my prayers, to embrace that love and happiness I felt so I can go out into the world and share your love with others.

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Copyright 2015 Lorrie Lane Dyer