ballgameWhen my youngest son was in college, there were times when I was more than a little worried about him. He had such great potential, but I felt he was ignoring it for...well...a good time, at least what he thought was a good time.

I decided to do an email campaign. Every other day or so, I sent him two important messages.

The first was the Hail Mary, a prayer of petition to the Blessed Mother. The second was the song in the video below.

The question to him was: are you ready to get real and play in the most important game--the game of life?

Don't we, too, often play, but not for the reality in our lives?

What is that reality?

We are children of God, created by Him for a specific purpose in this life. Are we ready to discover that purpose? Are we ready to act on that purpose, and give it our best?

The answer to that is very personal to you and me. Only we know what we're being called to do. But one thing we can be sure of: we ARE being called.

And to hear that call, we must listen carefully. Our call may come slowly in a very subtle way, or it may be loud and challenging--and come suddenly. But when we discover it ourselves, we need to be ready to say to the greatest coach we have in life: "I'm ready. Put me in the game."

I am thrilled to say that my son heard the call, and answered the coach. He's been in the game for quite a while now, and he plays like a pro!


Copyright 2015, Kaye Hinckley
Photo by Kakisky, 2009,