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Recently, I had the chance to read and review Dr. Christopher Kaczor's newest book -

The Gospel of Happiness: Rediscover Your Faith Through Spiritual Practice and Positive Psychology

Gospel of Happiness book coverThe Gospel of Happiness is a fascinating and exciting concept that combines the psychology of happiness with the ideals and teachings of a authentic Christian life. 

The Gospel of Happiness: Rediscover Your Faith Through Spiritual Practice and Positive Psychology released September 8 and you can find it right now on Amazon

Dr. Kaczor is a professor of philosophy at Loyola Marymount University in L.A. California, which, coincidentally is where one my brothers also works! Dr. Kaczor’s research on issues of ethics, philosophy, and religion has been in several news publications and radio programs and has authored over a dozen books. Dr. Kaczor shares his hopes for why he wrote this book -

In this book, I am trying to answer important questions about how to be happier, including: What is true happiness? How can you experience it? And can you live it wholeheartedly in your day-to-day life? Every thoughtful person asks such questions. Thoughtful Christians ask a few more questions such as, Can Christian practices enhance happiness? If so, how? And does Christianity provide happiness in a way that other paths, like psychology, cannot?

Thanks to Image Catholic Books, I had the great privilege of "hanging out" with Dr. Kaczor and chat about his book.

You can watch our interview here -

Or you can listen to it here -

And, if you really want to,  you can also read the interview questions and answers here.

I shared some highlights from the interview over on the Simplemama site but I do hope you get to listen/watch/read in his own words.

Also, Thanks to Image Catholic Books and Dr. Kaczor's generosity, I've teamed up with them to offer a GIVEAWAY for one The Gospel of Happiness book!

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Jesus came so that we might have life and have it in its fullness.  In other words, the revelation of God in Christ is for our benefit and flourishing.  The Gospel is good news, and good news for human beings is always connected to happiness...I suggest that the Christian way of life enhances positive emotion, engagement with life, relationships with others, meaning, and achievement. Indeed, Christian belief and practice transcends the happiness offered by positive psychology.  That is good news indeed.


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