Do you find yourself running around from place to place in a frenzy? Maybe you are "put together" out the outside but inside you're crying out? Do you feel "hurried and worried" most of your days? Maybe you lack God's Peace in your heart?

H Bratton Byline Photo's contributor, Heidi Bratton, knows exactly how you feel because she has been there also. And she wants to help you regain that inner Peace that Christ offers us - even in the midst of our everyday challenges as wives and mothers.

This is why she wrote Finding God's Peace in Everyday Challenges: 100 Meditations for Women.

In this soul-stirring book, Heidi shares 100 meditations that offer us a lifeline out of our inner turmoil and back to a place of peace.'s Erika Marie had the great pleasure of Hanging Out with Heidi to chat about why women need Peace in their lives and how Heidi's book can help.  Check out our Hangout Interview!

Watch the Video Interview Here | Listen to the Audio Interview Here

In the interview, Heidi shares -

Seven Different Areas We All Need Peace

  1. Peace in Our Human Relationships.
  2. Peace with our Physical Surroundings - where we live, our home, our region.
  3. Peace in Our Activities.
  4. Peace with our Schedules.
  5. Peace in our Relationship with the Trinity - God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit in our Prayer Life.
  6. Peace with our Resources - our finances, our family that's available to help, etc.
  7. Peace with our Institutions - government, schools, church and parish.

If you feel "hurried and worried" in any of these areas - or all seven! - check out Finding God's Peace in Everyday Challenges: 100 Meditations for Women and give yourself the time needed to look for and find God's peace in your lives for your sake and for the wellbeing of your family.

Learn more about Heidi Bratton and her books at:

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