boy and birdEvery once in a while you run across a book aimed at children that really actually should be for "grown ups" too. Such is the case with the newly released children's picture book A Boy and A Bird by first time author Andrew Christison. While the book's gentle rhymes and adorable illustrations will be captivating for kids, this adult reader found herself in love with its message of hope and encouragement. In this story, we meet a bird with one wing (don't worry, he's cute!) and a boy who describes himself as never really seeing anything through to full completion. The bird has a dream, and although he's sure he won't be able to see it to completion, the boy is willing to give the adventure a try.

I don't want to give away the book's ending, but it's enough to say here that you'll find yourself rooting for this duo. In the boy, we are forced to confront those parts of ourselves that are prone to excuse-making, to laziness, or to a lack of self confidence that keeps us from accomplishing the dreams in our lives. All to often, these also become the excuses we use for not giving God our full and worthy "Yes". Something as simple as a children's picture book can be a great way for little ones--and big ones too--to be encouraged to pursue our dreams and challenges with perseverance, conviction and will power. I strongly recommend this book and hope Andrew Christison will continue creating motivational literature into the future.

About the Book:

A Timeless Lesson

"Life is a journey, both with valleys and hills.
You can do anything with a power called will."

Beautifully illustrated and rhythmically engaging, A Boy and a Bird is a story about a boy who never completed what he started, until a special adventure with a one-winged bird takes him on a journey to conquer his fears to understand that he can accomplish anything!

About the Author:

Andrew Christison with his family Andrew Christison with his family

As a new husband and father, an uncle to 8 nieces and nephews (and counting), and an avid reader and writer, Andrew has always been passionate about personal development. Through traveling cross country, achieving his MBA at Ashford University, and working in fields as diverse as higher education and marketing technology, Andrew realizes how critical personal development is to living a prosperous life, each and every day. With family at the forefront of his life, A Boy and a Bird is Andrew's first published Children's Book, designed to stress the importance of the power of will in anyone's life at any age. For more information, visit

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