Gospel Reflections 800x800 blue outlineToday's Gospel: Luke 12:35-38

Optional Memorial of Saint Paul of the Cross, Priest

Last year my husband and I went to a monastery for a retreat. They had Vigil prayer at 4 am. We were curious about it so we went. It was a beautiful, peaceful time to pray. We prayed and waited for the dark to go away and the light to come.

Jesus tells us in this gospel passage that we need to keep vigilant. Vigilant means watchful attention. We need to watch and wait for His coming. We need to be ready for him “when he comes and knocks.”

As I write this, my family is keeping vigil with my sister. She has only days to live. We are watching and waiting. Waiting for Jesus to come and bring her home. Home where God wipes away all the tears and makes all things new.

We keep vigil. Waiting. Watchful.

Praying for the dark to go away and the light to come.


What are some of the ways in which you keep vigil?
How do you watch for Jesus’ presence in your daily life?


Dear Lord, thank you for always being with us. Help us to stay attentive to your presence in our lives. Help us to prepare for the time when you come to bring us home. Amen.

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