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Today's Gospel: Luke 19:45-48

Jesus cleans out the temple. He drives out all who are selling things, and he cleans house. Then he teaches in the temple. Every day. And the people are “hanging on his words.”
Jesus is showing us how important our worship space is, how important it is that we go to our church and pray and hear the Word of God. It is a sacred space, where we worship His presence, in the Word and the Eucharist and in each other.

Eucharist means thanksgiving. We go to our house of prayer to give thanks. And then we bring our prayer and worship to our families and friends and communities. And we spread the Good News.

I often need to do a little personal housecleaning myself. I need to drive out those distractions that keep me from prayer. I need to “clean house” and make prayer time with God a priority over my to-do list.

And the only way I can do that is to go to Mass and hang on his words. And always, always, give thanks.


Do you think of your church as a sacred space?
Do you make space for prayer every day?


Dear Lord, help me to always remember that my church is a sacred space and a place for worship. Help me also to keep my daily prayer time with you. Thank you for your merciful love. Amen.

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