CM Featured Image 720x340 CMHangout #22 Lisa Lisa Ellen Marc Parenting Teens This week on’s CM Hangout Podcast, co-hosts Lisa HendeyLisa Henley Jones Hang Out with returning host, Ellen Mongan and a special guest, Marc Cardaronella. The Lisas and Ellen and Marc talk all about the joys and challenges of raising teens and encouraging them in the Catholic Faith.

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Marc Cardaronella is one of the few, but proud, Catholic dads on He writes on spirituality, evangelization, and raising faith-filled kids at He also serves as Director of The Bishop Helmsing Institute for Faith Formation in the Diocese of Kansas City, MO.  Connect with Marc on Facebook and Twitter.

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Marc Cardaronella, a professional catechist, popular blogger, and father of two, has a passionate plea for Catholic parents: be your child’s primary educator in the faith by what you do and say. This practical guide gives parents what they need to be a bigger partner in handing on the faith to their children by creating a faith-nurturing environment at home.

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