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I looked at my planner. There was no way. NO WAY I'd get Small Success Thursday done. There were fifteen things on that list including bills, errands in different parts of town, returning overdue library books, returning important papers at an office. My husband listened to my long list of what had to happen today. He saw the beginnings of a full-fledged Sherry-freak-out. "Pray about it. Ask for help."  he said.

Normally, that's my line to anyone else who is overwhelmed. In fact, most of my kids, not to mention my husband, have to restrain themselves from rolling their eyes when I make the suggestion. Even I felt called up short...but it's all of this...and he gave me that look...just, stop complaining. Stop stressing. Pray about it and ask for help.

So I said a prayer out loud, asking for help to somehow get everything done that I need to do. Trying not to roll my eyes at my own constant advice being served up to me, trying to not make an excuse for why it wouldn't work for me this time.

You know what happened next, don't you?

I started doing. And I asked for help. One kid sorted the laundry. Another went to do pick up. A third helped with the strawberries for a treat one of my younger children volunteered us to bring. What happened? The day flew by, but at the same time, the things, that long list I had on my of this moment, only two things remain to be done.

So I stopped and thought..."Pray and say thank you." And this time, I didn't grumble. It was a small success and a reminder...God made us to be happy. God didn't make us to be stressed out and overwhelmed. So if you're feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, pray and ask for help and get working. It works, even if you're mentally rolling your eyes inside, because God is interested in winning us over with love. God is interested in breaking down all our walls, all our attempts to pretend we're independent, we don't need him, or we can be strong without Him. He's interested in us falling weak in the knees in love with Him, and so He delights in delighting our hearts with whatever He can imagine, will make us remember to pray and give thanks.

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Have a great week of Small Successes and don't forget, pray, and say "Thank you."

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