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I was blessed recently by the opportunity to review Jeannie Ewing's book, From Grief to Grace (Sophia Institute Press, 2016). One of my favorite lines is found in the prologue, "I did not want to participate in suffering. Instead I wanted to flee from it as far as was humanly possible." I think this is a common experience and one to which we can all relate.

Jeannie goes on to walk us delicately through a deeper understanding of grief, the difference between grief and depression and giving us six spiritual principles to help us cope and grow spiritually during times of loss. She shares her own journey of different grief experiences, stories of others and (my particular favorite) inspiration from the saints.

"From Grief to Grace" by Jeannie Ewing (Sophia Institute Press, 2016)

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Mrs. Ewing's command of Catholic teachings, prayers and principles serves to round out the practical steps to find a way to grace and joy, rather than remaining in the darkness of grief. I would recommend this book to, well, everyone, because no one escapes from grief.

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