You have a young family which means, you are likely in survival mode. They tell you the days are long and the years are short but all you are really hearing is "don't worry, they grow it of this. Everything will be easier when they can sleep through the night/ go to the bathroom by themselves/ go to school/ do their own homework/ get a job/ drive (!) . . . "
Ok . . . but you're not there yet. I'm not there yet. And our priority list, parents of young children, involves three key characteristics: love, survive, and love some more. Hope and charity are in there too . . . somewhere.
Or are they? You see, that was the driving question I had one night as I was awake with sick baby #4 on our family vacation. Specifically, the question was: what kind of religious formation am I giving my kids when a) They are too young for our Church’s formation programs and b) I am unable to purchase the nice do-it-at-home curriculum that guides me through the essentials?
So I decided to be intentional about it. The result: Tiny Thomists.
Kids today need more than catechetical instruction, they need philosophy, theology, and most importantly, a fun way of learning those subjects with their parents and siblings.
This may sound like a shameless promotion, but in truth it is more than that; it is a lifeline, a life-saver for all parents, elementary school teachers and catechists who don't have another minute to add to their busy schedules. It is also for those who love their children enough to want their salvation. In a world that attacks them from every angle, this program provides you with the tools to help them maneuver their lives toward the narrow path of sanctity.
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The best part of this program (besides that it is FREE) is that it is created from the heart. I love my children more than life itself and the best way I know how to show them that love is through the careful construction of each individual lesson plan I make through Tiny Thomists. I am convinced that others want the same for their own kiddos; they merely need a tool that is simple enough, deep enough and practical enough to fit into their schedules, their wallets and their faith.
Tiny Thomists will do just that.
Copyright 2017 T.J. Burdick
About the author: T.J. Burdick is a teacher by trade, a lay Catholic by grace and a husband and father by vocation. He has a Masters in the Art of Teaching through Aquinas College and is currently working toward another Masters in Theology through Holy Apostles College & Seminary. A former missionary to Latin America, T.J. writes and speaks on the topics education, social media, hispanic ministry and Dominican Spirituality. He is the founder of The Dominican Institute ( and author of the book 99 Ways to Teach Like the Master (En Route Books and Media, 2014)