Today's Gospel: John 20:1-9 - Easter Sunday (Mass of Easter Day)

Alleluia! He's alive! Happy Easter!

Have you ever thought of every day of your life being a microcosm of this resurrection story? Each day is this Christian journey. Mary of Magdala rose up from the darkness and stillness of sleep, perhaps uniting herself in prayer in hope to God. She gets ready to be a gift of herself by bringing spices to the tomb, like we bring our lists and our plans for the day. But she is also ready for the unexpected that is inevitably part of God's Will. Her day is spent searching for the Lord.

If open, we too, can search even in "tombs" that are empty, even in places where Jesus seems to be missing. Our efforts will not go unnoticed by God! And Mary runs to find friends to assist her. These friends also run, in search for knowledge, for truth and for their Messiah. As long as we direct our ache for union toward the Infinite who alone can satisfy us, we will continue to grow in our faith. Even when there is much we don't understand, we can trust that the Lord will provide for our need.

The disciples had yet to understand fully this rising from the dead, but this Scripture says they see and they believe. Our days too begin with a rise from dark and sleep to begin a search for oneness with the Lord. We live in communion with fellow Christian friends and are enriched by each other's belief. A rising early, an offering of love, a running and eager search for our Jesus, the help of other Christian friends - this is today's Gospel and this is every day.

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How can this Scripture come alive for you today, as we celebrate Christ's rising to new life?


Lord, help me to see each new day as a resurrection to new life. Grant that I may find You as I eagerly run in search of Your Presence.


Copyright 2017 Cindy Costello

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