"Finding hope in a grumpy world" by Elizabeth Desiderato (Catholicmom.com) Via Pixabay (2017), CC0 Public Domain

It was peak traffic time when I left my appointment, heading for home. The meeting I had attended was not pleasant so I was tired and grumpy. It took about five minutes or more to have a fellow driver allow me to merge onto the very busy frontage road. Trust me when I say that most days, regardless of traffic or time, my fellow drivers will zoom next to me, ignoring my signal.

So, to my surprise my lane stopped moving and cars began to fight their  way into the moving lane. Why? Well a car had stalled and the driver was struggling to move it out of the way. I glanced over hoping that I could be of some help, but that’s when the hero in my story appears.

An older gentleman left his work truck and ran to help the man push his car much faster. It was nice to see a good deed take place on such a grumpy drive home. I’m sure that the hero was still on the clock. But instead of thinking of himself, he was thinking of how he could help another.

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I smiled and thanked God for the hero and smiled all the way home. The traffic and grumpy drivers were not even noticeable to me during my drive. It was such a great thing to see in my day and time and city. There are still Good Samaritans in the world who will stop whatever they are doing, wherever they are going, to help their fellow man.

I really needed to see that and witness something like that and God knew I did. This was refreshing and very hopeful. I will try to do this more often myself. I am sure that because of the grumpiness in the world I have missed many opportunities to be someone’s hero.

Do you think you have missed opportunities as well?

Copyright 2017 Elizabeth Desiderato