When I received an opportunity to review a box from CatholicT-ShirtClub.com, I jumped on it. First of all, who doesn’t love real mail, and a package no less? Second, I am expecting another child, and the chance came right in the middle of one of those nothing-fits-my-body stages. Sign me up, indeed!

Want to experience the moment of truth with me? Click below to see what’s inside!

I admit, I was a little skeptical about wearing a boldly Catholic t-shirt out in the world. But right after I took this video, my four-year-old got out of bed for a glass of water. I’d put the shirt on (it’s so soft, and is washing nicely thus far). He asked who was on my shirt and what was in the box. I told him who it was—as I mentioned in the video, we don’t know much about St. Pio in our house—and that we’d learn more about him soon.

My boy went back to bed, and I thought about whether it would be so bad to wear decidedly religious attire in public. On the one hand, I do think we need to evangelize first with our actions and the ways in which we build and maintain relationships. But sometimes we need a conversation starter, too. The saints are full of wisdom, which needs to be remembered and shared. A friend of mine has resolved this year to post a quote from a saint on Facebook every day, as a means of putting something positive out there. She’s stuck to it, and I look forward to them. The beautiful images overlaid with simple messages give me a boost every time. Why shouldn’t I do the same in the grocery store, at school pick-ups, on the playground?

In thinking about this, I also recalled a dear friend since middle school. When we were young, she spent summers with her grandmother. Grandma would not allow my friend to wear anything with a company’s logo on it, because she didn’t want her granddaughter advertising for a company she had no connection to. There are certain moments when advertising for Christ isn’t a bad thing. It could be just what a stranger—or even a friend—needs that day. Sometimes, maybe the “armor of Christ” looks more like a t-shirt.

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I’m looking forward to wearing my shirt out and about, and making use of the anointing oil, prayer, holy card with relic, and medal. God puts things in our lives for a reason. This box has prompted me to finally plan a visit to the shrine and see what kind of relationship my family can build with this blessed, holy man. I’m grateful for this opportunity!

I received a sample box from the Catholic T-Shirt Club for the purpose of this review. No compensation was received. Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

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