Hello everyone! Hope this past week of Easter has been filled with joy. We’ve been busy celebrating the end of birthday-palooza, with the fifth birthday in what amounts to a total of eight weeks. To stave off gaining weight from the every-two-weeks more-cake regimen, two of my daughters have taken to taking turns taking late night walks with me up and down the driveway. One of them puts on Spotify and she and I take turns pretending we’re something of a featured dancer, while show tunes blast up and down the driveway. We were grooving to Xanadu and tap dancing up the driveway when both of us spun and collided. It ended the dance session because we both collapsed into giggles. It’s a silly thing, but I happen to think the world needs a little more silly especially when you get to having more teens than toddlers. To that end, I wanted to do something for my 22-year-old. She’d given us a list and we’d dutifully purchased items from it, but birthdays should have something unexpected, something whimsical and sort of insane. Her sisters, brother and I spent the afternoon creating Pikachu balloons. Here's how they turned out: "Small success" by Sherry Antonetti (CatholicMom.com) Copyright 2018 Sherry Antonetti. All rights reserved.[/caption] It took two sharpies and some white-out to create the effect. We also had her favorite dinner of pizza. However, two of my other kiddos took notes and have informed me of their favorite Pokemon for their 22nd birthdays, presuming the creation of Pokemon balloons to be a tradition rather than a spur-of-the-moment inspiration. I guess I’ll have to work on my Charizard and Evee. In other news, my youngest son took the Blood of Christ again this weekend, and he high-fives people in the pews after he receives. My second son ran his fastest outside time for both the 1600 and 800 meter, and we spent the afternoon playing cards on Saturday. It was a fun weekend; we got fish for the pond and even weeded. Spring is a busy time in our household, with track, sacraments like First Holy Communion and Confirmation, and all the end of school year plays, music programs, and so on. So I’m grateful for a weekend where we had a lot planned, but a lot of the planned stuff fell through, through no fault of our own. (Rain eliminated two track events on Sunday, giving us back our Sunday in time to use it as the observed day of our 22-year-old’s birthday). I’m mildly embarrassed to say, in the course of the morning, I prayed that the day would be easier, and asked the Blessed Mother to help make the day easier … so the rainout of the afternoon junior-high track? That’s on me. I keep telling my kids, feel free to tell the Blessed Mother whatever’s on your heart, even if it’s silly.  Sometimes you get a freed-up day out of it. She always listens, and sometimes she even helps you out … because I’m guessing, she likes a little more silly in the world as well. Happy Small Success Thursday!

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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