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tech talk redesign Summertime! A time to rest and recharge - and maybe also a time to try something new. If you have the desire to get a little deeper into your Catholic Faith this summer, here are five wonderful apps and e-mail subscriptions that are mostly free and fast! These first three come directly into your e-mail.
    1.  Popes in a Year. They started in January with Peter, but you can really jump in at any time. Each e-mail tells you a bit about the pope, when he lived, what he accomplished, as well as some fun facts! They also let you know what else was going on in the world at that time so you can have a little historical perspective. These take just a couple of minutes to read and come Monday through Friday.
    2. Catechism in a Year. This comes directly into your e-mail as well. Every day they cover a little bit of the Catechism of the Catholic Church from the Compendium. But not to worry- they have links to the catechism in case you want to dig in deeper. I actually never delete these from my e-mail and when I want to look something up, I can just search my e-mail. Last year they did the Baltimore Catechism. This takes a little longer to read and digest but it too can easily be accomplished in under 10 minutes.
    3. Pray More Novenas. This comes to your e-mail as well, but not every day. 9 days before a big feast they will start the Novena, but they send out a "Heads up!" a few days before that. They have an audio version that you can get to with just a couple of clicks as well. We just finished the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus so you're just in time to start a new one when it becomes available.
    4. Divine Office.org. This is the first hack that is not e-mail based. You can access them online or you can download the app. I love the app and the ability to do morning prayer first thing in the morning with my husband while we're first waking up!.
    5. Audible. This is an Amazon subscription product and it costs $14. You get a credit per month for one book - which is just about perfect for summertime leisure reading. And if you're new to audible, you get a couple months free. Sweet! I listen to them on my Audible app while I'm getting my walk in or sitting in the car waiting for my kids to finish practice. Sign up for my newsletter, which includes my picks for great summer listens.
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