Hello everyone! Welcome back from the past week. I hope your past seven days included moments you’d like to share. The reason for this weekly feature is to encourage. We all have a thousand little voices in our head and out there in the real world, telling us (whether overtly or otherwise), to quit, to despair, or not to try at all. Small Success Thursday is about reminding ourselves not to quit, despair or fail to try. So we spend each Thursday recalling moments which manifested joy, whether we noticed at the time or not, so that we can go forth this week, confident that once again, God will reveal Himself in the midst of our busy lives, and it will be luminous. So what were those luminous joyful moments in the past week? For me, this past week included two moments I’d like to share: 1) We went to a convention and were having a marvelous time until my youngest son decided he felt overwhelmed. He lay down on the floor and screamed. What made this a luminous moment was the way his older brother and sister instantly launched into action. I’d been in line to get him a drink and stayed to get it while his brother whisked him to the bathroom to see if that was the problem. His sister took all the bags and found a table for us so that when we reconvened, we’d have a place to work with him. We phoned the rest of the family and tried to calm and feed and care for him. He’d had a panic attack from the crowds; no one could calm him. The moment we left the convention center, he smiled, but he still struggled with knowing he’d needed to just get out of the situation. His siblings took it in stride and spent the drive home singing songs to him to keep his spirits up. Their willingness to forgo a special afternoon for him made the experience lighter all the same. 2) My kids have taken my attempts to get into better shape seriously, so every day, someone’s either taking me for a walk or asking me if I’ve gone for one, and in some cases, they want the walk anyway, so some days, I’m doing double duty –which is healthier for me. I’m down 4 pounds, having started this journey on July 6, and I could see a difference in my arms and legs before the scale started moving.
I hope this week included lots of Small Successes for you, and I hope to read all about them. Want to participate? Write up your moments worth preserving in internet amber and share them in the comboxes.

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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