Hello everyone and welcome back to another week of Small Success Thursday. Pope Francis told us in the past week, “Ingratitude in the everyday is a serious sin,” and it is. It robs the moment of joy, it deadens the flavor of meals cooked, destroys pleasure in jokes and company, and makes acting generously difficult. That’s why each week, here at Catholicmom.com, we celebrate all the things for which we should express gratitude. For if ingratitude in the everyday is a serious sin, gratefulness in the everyday must also be a great grace. Let’s get to the great graces of the past week:

1)      Took son to get his physical (countdown to college is two weeks).

2)      Scheduled a plane ticket for daughter to go to her cousin’s wedding with my mom. (Should be oodles of fun).

3)      Continued the exercise routine started back on July 4. (Had about a week of not-so-great days when you put all the not-good days together), but it is becoming more of a habit!

4)      Date night with husband to see Mission Impossible Fallout (loads of fun).

5)      Phoned friends (as part of my project to reach out and talk to people more).

That’s the batch of grace from my week, and each time, whatever I gave came back five, ten, a hundred times more than I expected. Here’s hoping your week was full of great graces. Be grateful for every day you have, and happy Small Success Thursday!

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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