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Driving Home the Faith (Sacred Heart Radio) Courtesy of Sacred Heart Radio. All rights reserved.[/caption] Last week, I had the privilege of discussing Venerable Patrick Peyton's life and legacy, as well as the newly opened Museum of Family Prayer, with Fr. Rob Jack of Sacred Heart Radio on his "Driving Home the Faith" radio show. We talked about what struck me most about Father Peyton, as a Catholic mother and media professional, the progress of his cause for canonization, and the Museum of Family Prayer's opening on September 15. I hope you enjoy this audio recording of our interview: [audio mp3="http://catholicmom.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Lisa-Hendey-9-20-19.mp3"][/audio]

Resources mentioned in this interview:

"Venerable Patrick Peyton: His Life and Legacy" (Catholic Digest, September 2019) "Prayer Museum to Open in Massachusetts" (CatholicDigest.com) Museum of Family Prayer
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