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Kimberly Novak discusses a fitness resource that includes exercise, prayer, devotion, and healthy eating habits.

Over the years, I have worn many hats, one of which was that of a personal trainer. Though my time in that field was brief, it gave me the foundation to make fitness a routine. Having raised three boys, I understand the complexities of scheduling self-care and know I’m not alone. I understand time constraints on families, especially those involved in organized sports, music, dance, and the like. Like many, I have been a yo-yo exerciser, jumping on and off the “treadmill” of maintaining consistency.


A highlight from my career in that field was teaching exercise to the elderly population, working alongside nurses from a local parish and long-term-care facilities. Not only was I providing a needed service to the community, but I was also maintaining my fitness demands. One of my favorite classes, "Faithfully Fit Forever," was taught at the local parish. This class consisted of devotional prayer, discussion, fitness instruction, meditation, and fun! God showed up at every class, providing everything from conversation topics to last-minute adjustments to my planned routine based on the needs of those attending. I used music to inspire movement and ignite their faithful hearts. In the short time I spent in this capacity, I was nourished in all areas, spiritual and physical.


My time in that role ended several years ago when I made a career change, and I miss it to this day. Soon after that, I joined a running team, which had to be a God-sent decision because, throughout my entire life, I had not run a single day. I entered that phase slowly by setting goals as low as finishing the 5K that same day. I brought God to every race and spent most of the running time in prayerful conversation. I enjoyed talking to God as I ran. It was a great way to stay motivated and forget physical exhaustion. The highlight in this phase of my life was finishing a 10K, and throughout each mile, I prayed, completely numb about the distance, and only focused on the prayerful intentions in my heart.


About five years ago, while reaching the finish line of a 5K, I turned my ankle just enough to keep me off the running path for a while. Shortly after, my life was in the midst of change, and my motivation could not keep up, and I fell off that proverbial wagon. I can’t say that I miss the act of running, but I do miss that part of my relationship with God.






I recently stumbled upon a great online resource called Faithful Workouts in a quest to sustain my connection with God by maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit. I highly recommend it if you are looking to add an element of prayer, devotion, and healthy eating habits to your fitness schedule. The website and the mobile application have hundreds of fitness routines with varying strength levels and durations of time. Live classes are available on social media sites for those looking for accountability. I especially love the classes shot on location throughout many different countries and imagining myself oceanside right along with the online instructor.


The devotional topics are meaningful blessings of information that God sends straight to the instructor’s heart. I have had more than a few experiences where God guided my heart during the exercise routine. Having stumbled upon this fitness gem, I can combine my spiritual well-being beautifully with a healthy lifestyle. I honestly enjoy a fitness journey that allows me to include my faith. I carry in my heart the experiences of the past and look forward to seeing what God has in store for me next.


I won’t discount getting back on the running path someday. For now, I strive to spend each day with a faithfully fit forever mindset: a perfect blend of faith, fitness, and fun for all busy moms!



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