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Ellen Mongan interviews Kristin Fisher, Ministries Director of Ablaze Family Ministries, about its mission to evangelize families.

“I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!” (Luke 12:49)

Michael and Mary Theresa Pfau were on the brink of retirement when on a retreat Michael felt the Lord calling him to build Ablaze Family Ministries. Their website describes the history of this mission: “Our mission to empower families got its start in one family. Michael and Mary Therese Pfau were dedicated to raising their five children in the Church, and while they took all the right steps, it proved to be a challenge. Their children received the best Catholic education, and they knew facts about God, scripture, and Church history, but as they grew older, they began to question the faith. Despite their best efforts, Michael and Mary experienced the frustration and heartbreak of watching their children wander away from the faith.”

Ablaze Family Ministries is a nonprofit that was birthed to help other families pass the faith down to their children while growing in one’s own faith. To grow the ministry, God sent them Kristen Fisher, now Director of Ablaze. She has a huge heart to match the big vision that God has given her to set the world on fire. Kristen’s journey took her first to Franciscan University of Steubenville and then called her to be a youth minister. Her heart was set on Christ alone!

Just like the mustard seed, Ablaze had small beginnings but continued to grow. Kristen, along with other pioneers blazing a trail, listened for that still small voice, learned, and then made adjustments along the way. Ablaze Family Ministries seeks to facilitate an encounter so real and so powerful that our youth will have hearts ablaze with the love of Christ. This ministry joins families together to learn, grow, encourage, and empower, and build community

Why families?

Research indicates that parents are the single most influential factor in the faith life of a child, and that for faith to 'stick', children need parents who not only talk about, but MODEL an authentic, lived faith in Jesus. They also need a 'cloud of witnesses'; other people who share the same faith, but who can model and talk about it from their own authentic experience. Ablaze Family Ministry wants to give parents tools and resources to not only make this possible, but exciting and enjoyable for every member of the family. Ablaze Family Ministries empower Catholic families to live out the Lord’s call to be disciples in their homes, their parishes, and the world.”

Learn more:

  • How is this content different from other faith formation programs?
  • What if my parish isn’t ready to make use of Ablaze content? Can my family still use it?
  • How do I print one of the series journals?
  • Can this serve as a primary catechesis?
  • How can an Ablaze Series fit with our parish faith formation and ministry programs?

Kristen answered these questions and more during our interview. She shared a wealth of information about Ablaze Family Ministries.

Listen to our full interview:


Now I have a question for you Catholic moms: Do you feel like a bump on a log or are you the spark that ignites the logs, and sets them ablaze with the love of Christ? Mother Teresa encouraged us where to begin: “Begin with the person right in front of you, your family.”

Be an evangelist by igniting the fire in your own little corner of the world, then pass it on. #catholicmom

Be an evangelist by igniting the fire in your own little corner of the world, then pass it on. It only takes a spark, you know!

“Were not our hearts burning within us?” (Luke 24:32)

Learn more about Ablaze Family Ministries research on family and middle-school ministry. 



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