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For your Meatless Friday meal, try these dishes that make the most of locally grown produce.

Whether your fresh produce comes from your own garden (or your neighbor's) or the nearest farmer's market, our writers have recipes to use it to its best advantage. Try these delicious options for Meatless Friday!

For #MeatlessFriday, try one of these 5 dishes that make the most of locally grown produce. #catholicmom

Cheese Ravioli with Summer Garden Vegetables

This recipe comes from Eat at Home Tonight, a cookbook by Tiffany King, and is reprinted with the permission of the publisher.


Stuffed Bell Peppers


Stuffed Bell Peppers

For Meatless Friday, Monica Portogallo shares a plant-based stuffed bell pepper recipe that even meat-lovers enjoy.




Veggie Curry with Suddenly Naan

On a hot summer day, try Erin McCole Cupp's recipe for vegetable curry that's mostly made in the microwave.


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Easy Slow-Cooker Ratatouille

Catholic novelist Stephanie Landsem shares her recipe for ratatouille, made with all the fresh vegetables her garden has to offer.


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Garden marinara Sauce

I'm no gardener, but when I find fresh Jersey tomatoes at the farmer's market (or my neighbors share their garden produce), I like to make this marinara.

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