Today's Gospel: Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 The first thing that comes to my mind when I read the parable of the Prodigal Son is actually my own children. I am the mother of eight children here on earth, and I often find myself praying that God would protect all of them should they stray from the faith. This may seem rather strange for a mother to pray, but if you’ll indulge me for a moment to explain. We live in a world where our children are more vulnerable than ever. Every electronic device you can imagine, so many different types of social media, raunchy television shows, movies, and music, you name it. Some of it is so toxic and can easily draw a person into a darkness that could take them away from God. We, too, are just as vulnerable. My constant prayer is that the seed my husband and I have planted in our children's hearts will one day take root, despite the world and all its temptations. However, in this parable, God gives me hope if they fall. God speaks through this father who lost his son, and shows such joy, such love, such compassion, such mercy, that even if one of mine chooses to stray, I know God will always be waiting. He will prepare a feast fit for a King when they return to Him. I find comfort in knowing He loves them so unconditionally that He will celebrate, regardless of where they’ve been. Even being “dead” to Him. I love my children deeply, but the God of the Universe loves them infinitely more than I could ever dream. The mercy He gives is beyond our earthly comprehension, but should bring us peace.


Lord Jesus, we pray that You hold each one of us in Your heart. Be near to us when we are tempted to give into worldly temptations. Bless and protect us and give us the courage to stand strong against the faces of evil. Amen..


How often do you pray for the ones nearest to your heart? Make a plan today to start praying daily for your children, family, and friends. The power of prayer is one we can never underestimate when it comes to our loving Father.
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