Today's Gospel: John 6:44-51 There is a tremendous difference in the experience of learning from a master and learning from a lesser teacher. Even if the other teacher is well-informed and capable, it can’t compare to learning from a true master of the subject. In today’s Gospel, Jesus assures us that we have the opportunity to learn directly from the Master, from God the Father. And what will be the fruit of learning from the Father? Coming to Jesus. It is no coincidence that Jesus brings this up in the midst of perhaps His hardest teaching: the Bread of Life discourse, which is foundational to our belief in the Holy Eucharist. He knows that His listeners are doubting His words. He knows that many followers will leave after He delivers these difficult truths. So, in the middle of that delivery, Jesus offers a reason to trust in His words. Our Heavenly Father will teach us Himself – God’s mind to our minds; God’s heart to our hearts – and His teaching will lead us to Jesus. In the face of my children’s questions about good and bad, right and wrong, I am thankful I can point them to the truth received directly from the mouth of God. We are not asked to believe and follow Christ in ignorance. We are invited to sit at the feet of our God and know the truth that is Christ. This is the heritage we’ve received from the saints before us. It is the heritage we will bequeath to our children, and it will be their reason to believe.


Do you believe in and practice your faith with the bold confidence of someone who has God as their own teacher?


Heavenly Father, You are our master teacher. Instruct our hearts and minds that we may believe more fully, more confidently, in Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
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