Today's Gospel: John 15:26—16:4A The farewell discourse leaves me in grateful awe. Jesus didn’t teach the apostles everything while He was with them. Instead He promises to send them the Holy Spirit—the Spirit of Truth who proceeds from the Father—to bear witness, to teach them Truth, to give them His power. It is this indwelling of the Holy Spirit that allows the apostles to be completely transformed not just into courageous men who boldly proclaimed the Gospel and performed miracles in the name of Jesus, but into alter Christus—another Christ. And our dear Lord Jesus does the same for us, sending us the Holy Spirit so that we will know how to live the Christian life. The Holy Spirit strengthens and empowers us to believe in Jesus and follow Him. Alas, the spirit of the world is opposed to the Spirit of the Truth and we will be persecuted for our belief in Jesus. We have to be willing to lose our livelihoods, our friends, even our family, for the sake of Truth. These are real threats in our society; however, with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we have nothing to fear. Be strong! Be fearless! Be true! Jesus sends us the Holy Spirit so that we may be witnesses to Christ’s saving love and mercy, so that we may have the grace to live according to the truths of the faith, to reach heaven.


Do you fervently desire to receive the Holy Spirit?


My dear Jesus, send us the Holy Spirit to inflame our hearts with Your love and to enlighten our intellect with the truths You have revealed.
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