Today's Gospel: Mark 12:1-12 "The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone." In Mark's gospel passage we see what appears to be a group of people who have been given an opportunity to make a living from an established vineyard with the stipulation of providing a percentage to the owner each season. Over time, greed sets its roots deep in to the tenants and they devise a way to cut out the middleman, which in turn backfires as the owner destroys them and begins anew. Initially I find it easy to judge the tenants as ungrateful and lazy; however, upon reflection I find that this often applies to me in many situations. I always find it exciting and overwhelming when I start a new job, so much learning to do and processes to master; the whole experience energizes me. I also find that as time passes, and I have mastered processes and adjusted to the workflow, newness wears off giving way to routine and occasional boredom; at this point it becomes easy to look at others and desire more. The struggle against greed and complacency is real and present in every situation, whether in the work environment, friendships, marriage or life in general. It is so easy to take for granted everything we have, forgetting all is a gift from God. His love, His mercy, His guidance - He is ever-present in our lives to guide and guard us. When we look away from Him and turn to ourselves to find our happiness, strength, and prosperity in this life, how quickly everything crumbles. We suffocate in emptiness and we become unstable; our foundation is rocked by the cornerstone we have rejected.


Spend some time in Adoration this week asking Jesus to reveal any areas of greed and complacency in your life and for the wisdom, strength and ability to rectify those areas according to His will.


Lord, help us fight against complacency and greed, discern Your guidance and wisdom, and look to You, our cornerstone, as our rock, refuge and our strength in every situation.
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