Today's Gospel: Matthew 8:18-22 “Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.” What is Jesus saying? Jesus is not attached to the things of this world such as money, homes and possessions which totally frees Him to do the Father's Will. In essence Jesus is stating quite honestly that to follow Him requires us to be detached from our things and not let our stuff rule our lives. We live in the world so we need a home, money and our basic necessities to survive. But to follow the Master means that God must come first in our lives and everyone and everything else comes in second. This sounds easy but lets face it sometimes it can be quite challenging. Even in the midst of serving Jesus and His Church we can allow our ministries to become more important that serving the Master. It takes a daily surrender of my ministry, my ideas and my agenda to Him. With humble obedience submit to His plan and His agenda which many times is quite different than ours. But if we wait in humble obedience the Holy Spirit will reveal a much better way of serving our Master which will bear much fruit.


What hinders me from serving Jesus the Master today? Can I surrender my way of doing things and in humble obedience wait for the Holy Spirit to reveal a better way of serving Him?


Help me, Lord, not to be a stumbling block to myself and others; instead, help me to be an instrument of Your peace today.
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