Today's Gospel: Matthew 13:31-35 We hear these two parables so often together in this Gospel. Christ's storytelling and metaphors embrace many layers and always welcome us to explore them more deeply. Both a mustard seed and yeast are tiny sources of greater size; and the Kingdom of Heaven only needs a tiny opening to grow into a great tree or leaven a whole loaf. But what does that growing and leavening require? The mustard seed requires human intervention, followed by a certain amount of cultivation; then patience, as the process of growth must be consistent through seasons and months until the seed has become a tree. The leaven requires an intensive, human-initiated kneading process, as the dough is pushed and pummelled and manipulated and left to rise, and shaped, and left to rise again. It is also time-consuming (as anyone who makes their own bread can attest.) Our faith, perhaps given to us by our parents, perhaps encouraged by a friend, perhaps gained in encounters as an adult, is almost always planted in our hearts by someone else (whether a long-dead theologian or a living companion.) And then the growing and shaping and suffering begin; and in time, we find the Kingdom of Heaven growing a little larger.


What human intervention was involved in the beginning seeds and leaven of my faith? Who do I owe gratitude and prayers to for helping to plant the seed or mix the leaven?


My King, You know how to cultivate the Kingdom of Heaven within me. Help me to allow You to work in my heart, so that I may bring Your Kingdom into my home and family.
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