Today's Gospel: Luke 11:29-32 - St. Teresa of Jesus “Show me a sign, Lord!” How many times have I demanded that of God? Sometimes it really does seem a lot to ask of me, to believe in a God I cannot see, hear, or touch. The folks who lived in Jesus’ time had the privilege to physically see, hear, and touch the humanity of our Lord. Even so, some very learned men, such as the pharisees and scribes in today’s Gospel, remained blind to the true identity of the carpenter’s son who dwelt among them. Jesus’ words fell on many deaf ears as He addressed the crowds, and He knew it. Matthew, Mark and Luke all three recorded this “Show Me a Sign” story in which Jesus offered a couple of really blunt, in-your-face examples to this particular audience, an audience that included scripture experts who should surely have been able to put two and two together at this point. For certainly everyone present would have recognized a reference to the Queen of Sheba paying homage to wise King Solomon. And even the youngest of Jewish school boys would have known the story of Jonah. He could have enthusiastically raised his hand and blurted out “Three days!” if questioned about the length of time that reluctant prophet had remained in the belly of a whale before becoming the sign that converted Ninevah. “There is something greater than Solomon here,” Jesus must have said with great frustration. But a poor boy from Nazareth didn’t fit into their preconceived notions how a Savior should look, sound, and act.


What sign are You giving me, Lord, that I can't see, because it isn't what I want it to be?


Jesus, help me to be open to our Father's will. Send the Holy Spirit into me that my eyes, ears, and heart will be opened to the Truth.
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