Today's Gospel: Luke 10:1-9 - Feast of St. Luke, Evangelist How many times have we stumbled through our purses in search of money, an ibuprofen and keys to the car? Each time we leave our homes we make sure we didn’t forget something. Oh, and watch how we pack for trips, how many carry-ons can we have? Food, yeah, we have got to have snacks! In today’s Gospel, Jesus sends out 72 disciples in pairs ahead of Him to towns He plans to visit. He sends them out with nothing, no provisions, not even sandals. This would frighten anyone nowadays! I always remind my dear husband, who loathes the packing process before each trip, that “there are stores where we are going, so if you forget something, don’t worry, silly!” These disciples had no convenience store to resort to if they could use one. I can only imagine their feet must have been sore with no sandals! They were to depend on the hospitality of those in the town that they stayed with. Basically, Jesus had equipped these 72 disciples with all the essentials; they needed to learn to depend on His glory to sustain them throughout their journeys and missions. He wanted them to trust Him and depend only on what is greater than earthly accommodations. In today’s world we have many conveniences to make our lives easier. Relying on earthly essentials is normal, but it can cloud our dependence on our Heavenly Father’s divine providence and what our mission is. We all have a mission, “the harvest is abundant, but the laborers are few.” We are the laborers and we have a mission to harvest those who need to know God and his loving Son, Jesus. Confidence in knowing that we already have the essentials to accomplish this mission is trusting in the Lord that He has prepared us for the journey. Be confident, trust in the Lord as you and I are one of the 72 disciples!


Have you a mission that you feel unprepared for? How equipped do you need to be in order to be a modern-day evangelist?


Lord, give me the courage to go out into the fields and continue the disciples' mission. I yearn to do Your will and have the confidence to accomplish it! Amen
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