Today's Gospel: Mark 10:35-45 I remember while helping clean up after an event at our church a few years ago, witnessing the speaker sweep the floors of the hall she had just spoken to a group of 300 plus people in a few hours prior. When I tried to take over, she replied by saying she was, “practicing Ministry 101 – SERVICE.” I have never forgotten that moment or her example. Today’s Gospel reminds us that Christ came to serve, not to be served, and we are called to follow His example. His disciples were playing by the rules of this world, pridefully asking to sit at His right and left hand, and Jesus in response says, “Can you drink the cup that I drink?” Basically, He asks - Are you willing to be become the least among your brothers? Will you sacrifice your wants, needs and desires to serve in my kingdom, which is not of this world? If we desire to be followers of Christ, we must also ask ourselves these same questions and be willing to walk where He leads us. Never ask God to guide your feet if you are not willing to move them to serve Him. God has a unique calling for each of us. At the heart of whatever God asks of us to do with our lives should be a spirit of humble service, a pure intention to take our place gracefully in His Kingdom. Authentic joy and fulfillment can only be experienced when we willingly surrender our will for God’s will and serve Him with the gifts that He has given us to share.


How do your serve Christ in your day to day life?


God, please give me a servant’s heart and lead me on the path that You have created for me to follow.
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