Today's Gospel: Mark 7:14-23 “Food, glorious food!” The boys sang this in the musical Oliver as the young Oliver asked, “more please”. We love food. The act of eating is about as intimate as it gets and eating the many different flavors is both exciting and sustaining. I bet the disciples were thrilled to find out that food isn’t the culprit after all when it came to sin. Contrary to what goes into our mouths is what goes out of our mouths. What is said is a far deeper thing - it comes from the soul of the person. Jesus makes it clear that food is innocent; it cannot be anything other than nourishment for the body. It does not think, feel, or in any way defile. But what is in our hearts is the very thing that can and will defile! Prioritizing what we put into our bodies - food, beverages, candy, gum, the Eucharist…oh! Now that should be at the top of the list! The Eucharist is the most important thing that we could ever put into our bodies. God takes one of the most intimate things we do and uses it as spiritual nourishment! What is in our hearts is what is inside of us already and no food or nourishment can make that change, except the Eucharist. The disciples had the real deal in their midst, and now we have the Eucharist, which is also the real deal, to help us, strengthen us, and direct us to what is pure and righteous.


As mothers cooking for our families, we concern ourselves with the elements of the meal, but do we talk about the daily decisions that each of our family members make? Do we make opportunities to coach and advise our children and even each other on difficult issues we face?


Dear Lord, thank You for the opportunity to welcome You into our bodies as spiritual food for the journey of our daily lives. Help us to appreciate Your gift of the Eucharist and always be aware of our words and actions. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen
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