Reflection by Christina Weigand Today's Gospel: Matthew 1:16, 18-21, 24a - Solemnity of St. Joseph Joseph, a humble carpenter, was betrothed to Mary, a Jewish maiden. When it was discovered that Mary was pregnant, the Laws of Moses dictated that Joseph should abandon her and let her be stoned to death. But Joseph chose to continue with his betrothal and marry her, and then when the child Jesus was born Joseph raised him. Joseph followed God, and because of it, lost his reputation and business, and was forced to leave his homeland and flee to Egypt to save the life of Jesus. Through all of this Joseph chose to follow God and sacrifice everything that defined him. He persevered in the face of shame and degradation from his fellow Jews, as well as the wrath and fear of Herod. Joseph died sometime before Jesus began His ministry on earth, but while he lived, he provided Jesus with an earthly father. As Jesus' father he sacrificed himself for his love of God and his family. We may not know much about Joseph, except that when God called, he didn’t question, didn’t complain; he just did it. As Christian families, we should look to Joseph as an example of the kind of familial love we should aspire to. In spite of all obstacles Joseph chose to love God, Mary and Jesus. For his sacrifice he got to share in the life of Jesus, to be His father and to love Mary and God. What an honor.


Could I sacrifice all to follow God?


Dear Jesus, help me to strive to be more like Your earthly father, Joseph. Let me share in his strength of faith and love and live my life as he did. Amen.
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