Today's Gospel: John 6:30-35 Jesus declares himself the “Bread of Life”, that truly satiates our hunger and thirst; the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world. This is such a wonderful gift! And a great mystery too. It is not possible for the human mind to fully comprehend how the holy, mighty God can humiliate himself so much and really be present in the species of bread and wine, desiring to become one flesh with each one of us. This is only partly understandable with the eyes of the faith. He loves us so much that He could not leave us alone; He wants to sanctify us, to teach us how to love more and to love better, to become what the Father dreamt for us to be. The best way to do that is to personally come to our hearts and to make the changes from the inside. We should do our best to attend Mass daily, because Jesus, the Prisoner of the Tabernacle, is waiting for us. He wants to give Himself to us, to love us in our own flesh. When we love someone, we want to be together as much as we can, and we get anxious waiting for the time to meet again. This is how we should feel about the Holy Eucharist. The Mass should be the most important appointment that we have every day.


How can I increase my belief that Jesus' body, blood, soul and divinity are present in the Eucharist?


Jesus, I do believe, but help my unbelief! When you come to my heart in Holy Communion, make it worthy of Your Real Presence and help me become the child that the Father wants me to be.
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