Today's Gospel: Matthew 5:43-48 Today Jesus calls us to imitate the perfection of the Father, in other words, to love in the most perfect way. But how can I do that? How can I love my enemy, pray for those who persecute me? The key to do that is to place ourselves in the other´s sandals. We have to think: “If I was born in the same family of that person, if I was educated the same way she was, if I have experienced the same traumas, would I have acted in a different way? Is there a possibility that I might have acted even worse than she did?” When we do this kind of exercise, it is easier to forgive and to love the ones who hurt us. For us, it is impossible to do that without the assistance of grace. We are born selfish, thanks to original sin, and we have to struggle our whole life to take ourselves out of the center. Only Jesus can stretch our heart and make it possible to love as the Father does. So we need to constantly ask, in prayer, for the ability to love more and to love better.


Who are my enemies and persecutors that I need to forgive and love today?


Holy Guardian Angel, please clean from my heart everything that prevents me from loving my neighbor as I love myself. Your mission is to help me get to Heaven, so please help me follow Jesus' steps and learn how to love in the most perfect way.
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