Reflection by Tracy Eisner Today's Gospel: John 13:16-20 I am a more effective manager when I am able to jump in and work with my employees, experiencing their daily struggles to better understand ongoing challenges and more successfully find solutions than if I never intentionally interact. They, in turn, are able to believe that my efforts at assisting them are genuine and more readily accepted. Jesus, in washing the disciples' feet, gives them a living example of performing one of the lowliest tasks to show how true masters do not consider themselves too good to do what needs to be done to best serve that symbiotic relationship. In this, Jesus reminds them (and us) that in accepting Christ we also accept God, the Father and Holy Spirit. Jesus also knows that not all will accept this teaching; in fact, some tout themselves as followers when in reality they provide only lipservice. In accepting God as creator of all and receiving His Son we are free to receive the fullness of this divine relationship as it is meant to be — working together in unison for the greatest blessing.


Today, can you spend a few minutes focusing on the beauty of relationships in your life? Relationships that God specifically orchestrated and those that have seemingly existed for all time...and enjoy the interconnectedness of it all as the gift it was meant to be.


Lord, help me to focus on the glorious nature of this relationship of the Holy Trinity and the blessing and joy this provides me throughout every fiber of my life, and to know that You made me for Your joy - what a tremendously beautiful gift!
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