Today's Gospel: John 14:27-31a I’m not so sure many of us would rejoice at hearing beforehand the sad news that a loved one was preparing to die, getting ready to go home to the Father. There’s not much earthly peace in that! We can be assured that the evil one will try to turn our heads, ever so slightly so that we barely notice our view had turned worldly with grief, and our heavenward gaze broken. A friend who recently died had to do exactly that with his wife and daughters — informing them he would be “going away” and trying to assure them to be neither afraid nor troubled by the news. His time had come, and though he would be gone from this world, his love would remain. There was work to be done in that little family before his final day. The dismay was to give way to a deeper love that would carry them all through his decline, and continue on until they all met again in eternity. It was time, in a very earthly way, for him and his family to “Get up, let us go.” To go and be love, be faith; to find a way to be at peace with God’s plan. Like the Apostles, who were probably shocked and disheartened by the news of losing their beloved Christ, it was a time to listen carefully, to act soundly, and to grow more secure in the teachings of Jesus.


When devastating news comes, are you able to hear the message, feel its impact, to “get up” and move forward in faith?


Dear Lord, stay with me and guide me through the hardest of times. Womb of God, Light of Christ, Comfort of Mary, Protection of Joseph, surround me and keep my troubled heart focused on being a presence of love.
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