Reflection by Cynthia Brewer Today's Gospel: John 16:29-33 - Memorial of St. Charles Lwanga & Companions The disciples feel confident that they now know what Jesus meant when He had said “In a little while you will not see me and in a little while later you will see me” (Jn 16:16), for He finally, plainly said, “I came from the Father and have come into the world. Now I am leaving the world and going back to the Father.” But Jesus warns them not to be too overconfident. They don’t see the whole picture. They do not know that they will be like sheep scattered by wolves before Jesus returns to the Father. Of all the apostles, only John will stay. He will be at the crucifixion to comfort Jesus and His mother, Mary. While there, Jesus places Mary into the beloved disciple’s keeping; He also places him into her keeping. Jesus is telling them this out of love and kindness. He is letting them know that in the near-future time of distress they will fail Him. But He reminds them that He will be alright, for the Father is with Him. Although they will fail Him, He asks them to have peace in Him, and He will welcome them back with open arms. It is still a time of distress for Jesus’ disciples; imagine the persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria! Jesus tells us too to stay strong. Even if we are persecuted to the point of death, Jesus asks us to have peace and take courage, for He has conquered the world.


Do I sometimes feel overconfident, only to have everything come crashing down? At times like this, do I remember that Jesus is still right there with me?


Jesus, when I am in times of distress, please remind me that I can find peace in You, for You have conquered this world.
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