Reflection by Holly Novotny Today's Gospel: John 17:11B-19 - Memorial of St. Boniface I am one of few Christians in my family and the only Catholic, going back several generations. I wouldn’t say that I am hated, but I am definitely not understood. It can feel isolating if I lose sight of why I was baptized as a Catholic - that Jesus called me to follow after Him, just as He called His dearest friends. I never quite felt like I fit in with those around me. I didn't realize until I was older that it wasn’t just about religion for me, but about longing for Heaven. I have a handful of dear friends of my heart who live in various states and countries and when I get to see one (or more) of them, it is the most delightful treat - our friendships are deep and full of a kind of mysterious holy love. I am filled to the brim while I am with them and I often feel sad when we part, especially because I never quite know when we will have another opportunity. After an unexpected reunion at a memorial service for the mother of a mutual friend, I considered this joy and subsequent sadness. It occurred to me that this love and this grief were equal parts of a gift from the Lord, designed to create within me a longing for Heaven, where we will not be parted from love’s purity. I have spent a year since that memorial service pondering and praying about this call to elevate relationships to reflect this kind of love - to try to cultivate the unity Jesus is praying for in this passage. It is only through the Lord’s consecrating us in the truth of His Word that we will persevere to Heaven. Let us begin.


What can I do to deepen the intimacy of one or two relationships to reflect the unity the Trinity shares?


Jesus, help me to long for unity with You and those around me. Give me the humility I need to allow the Holy Spirit to consecrate me in Your Word, that I may bring Your love into the world in a way that inspires others to long for Heaven.
Copyright 2019 Holly Novotny Holly Novotny is a wife and mother of two teenage daughters. The Lord’s mercy and grace radically changed her life as a young adult and she is grateful for His continual transformation of her heart and life. She is a Lifetime Marian Servant of Divine Providence and as a graduate of the Cenacle School of Spirituality offers spiritual direction in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Receive newsletters in your inbox, including the Daily Gospel Reflection each morning! * indicates required
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